05th May 2009

Clarifying co-creation

When things happen that we don’t like, hunting for the cause of them isn’t always helpful and can distract us from responding fully to the needs of the moment. A more accurate understanding of cause and effect is essential, however, for improving the reality we continue to create. (more…)

02nd May 2009

Are we designed to redesign ourselves?

Expanded possibilities depend on our ability to create and perceive opportunities. Since the outside reflects the inside, expanded possibilities also depend on our ability to perceive what, in us, needs changing, and to effect those changes.

Most of us perceive some opportunities and some of the obvious things that need changing. To go further and to help others go further, we may need to go deeper inside, expand or refine our perceptions, and develop the ability to notice more subtle information and clues. (more…)

23rd Apr 2009

Are you interested in training in Yuen in London or Brighton?

Many Matrix Practitioners (including Hector Gracia who now runs some Matrix seminars with Richard Bartlett) also use Yuen – a powerful healing method in its own right.

There do not appear to any Yuen trainers or practitioners in UK but one or two come to Europe and others are prepared to come to UK if we get 10 -20 students together.

The training would take place over three weekends, Sat and Sunday for 9 – 5 or 10 -6, a couple of months apart, hopefully starting late summer 2009. It would be in London, Brighton or nearby, depending to which is most convenient for those who come.

Cost is usually around $600, ($500 for early payment) for each level.

If you are interested in joining this training, please email me.

27th Feb 2009

Creative contradictions

"Janusian thinking" , named after a Roman god with two faces, each looking in opposite directions, is the ability to simultaneously imagine or hold in mind two opposite or contradictory ideas, concepts or images. Geniuses including Einstein, Mozart, Edison, van Gogh, Pasteur, Joseph Conrad and Picasso all used this ability to arrive at original insights. (more…)

31st Jan 2009

Alternative nutrition

If we are to expand possibilities for all, the health of our earth and all the people on it is part of that. Personally, I do not think that nutritional supplements will help. They make nutrition :-

  • complicated (only available with those with access to all the info and the time and other resources to understand it)
  • expensive (in a study giving fish oil to school children, that one supplement, presumably bought in bulk, cost 80p per day, while school lunch cost 60p)
  • a chore we do on our own rather than a meal we enjoy with others. (more…)

17th Jan 2009

What is prayer?

Prayer, according to Wikipedia is "the act of attempting to communicate with a deity or spirit "

hum. Next question – how to actually communicate rather than simply attempt.

Ideally, communicate will be two way. The side that probably needs most attention in most of us is receiving. (more…)

06th Jan 2009

Blindsight, second sight and insight

According to my dictionary, insight means "penetration with the understanding". Understanding usually refers to mental comprehension.

Our culture tends to rely heavily on our visual sense and conscious thoughts. If we can’t explain something, and explain how we know it, we often think we don’t know. Yet we appear to be able to see and make useful choices about what we see without interpreting it with conscious thought.


This article on the brain’s subconscious visual sense describes how a doctor left blind by two successive strokes successfully navigated an obstacle course — a cluttered hallway. One of the researcher’s comments was  “The more educated people are… the less likely they are to believe they have these resources that they are not aware of to avoid obstacles." (more…)

30th Dec 2008

The great undoing

Many of the best resolutions we could make may be to unravel some of the ways we limit ourselves and our lives.

Become as little children

Everyone knows that young children tend to have more energy than adults but they also seem to me to have a more extensive range of energy and the difference between the feel of one child’s energy compared to another child’s energy is much greater than the difference between any two adults’ energy. In other words, children are unique, multi-dimensional, big and versatile. Add in their playfulness and spontaneity and it is no wonder life was much more vivid.

If we want to manifest in physical form, we need that range and volume of energy. (more…)

29th Dec 2008

The feminine alternative to new year’s resolutions

Its just possible that Santa hasn’t fulfilled all your dreams. Perhaps the elves couldn’t wrap up love, freedom, ecstasy, health, world peace and a clean environment, or perhaps they knew we would enjoy and grow through co -creating (or helping to re-create) these things.

If New Year’s resolutions or traditional goal setting ideas don’t help, you might like to try a feminine alternative. All of us have some feminine traits (as well as some masculine traits), and we can all benefit from both approaches for different desires. The masculine approach makes things happen through focus, discipline, doing and control. The feminine approach is based on feeling, allowing, co-operation, incubating and joy. The difference may not be visible to outsiders but it feels different to those involved or affected. (more…)

20th Dec 2008

Celebrating women who expand possibilities for others

The winter solstice honours all the seasons, including the feminine or yin darkness and internal focus of winter, anticipates and celebrates the return of the light. In honour of this, I want to celebrate some women who have matured in obscurity and emerged to offer us all new hope and inspiration.

The council of the 13 indigineous grandmothers (more…)